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If you have ever been told that you have hard-to-fit eyes or you have an eye condition that has kept you from wearing contact lenses in the past, we can help.

Contact lens fittings are what we do and we apply our lens fitting strategy and customized approach to every patient. At Downtown Eye Care & The Contact Lens Department, we have the experience to help you achieve comfortable, clear vision—frames-free.

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Specialty Contact Lenses for Eye Conditions

We have helped people with all types of prescriptions and eye conditions find their perfect lenses. Here are just a few of the conditions we can help with:

Scleral Lenses

For people with irregular corneas, it can be hard to find contact lenses. Scleral lenses are rigid gas-permeable lenses that vault over the cornea and rest on the whites of the eyes (the sclera), rather than sitting on the cornea as contact lenses normally do.

Keratoconus, or cone-shaped corneas, can make it difficult to wear contact lenses, owing to the irregular shape of the cornea. Fortunately, scleral lenses vault over these irregularities making them a great option for those with this condition.

People who have had laser eye surgery or who have dry eyes may also benefit from scleral lenses. Scleral lenses have a larger surface area than regular contact lenses, creating a hydrating fluid reservoir that keeps dry eyes moist.

Multifocal Contact Lenses

A multifocal prescription used to make contact lens wear impossible. Now, multifocal contact lenses are readily available, containing multiple prescription powers for people who need vision correction at multiple distances. 

Contact lenses come in bifocals, with 2 powers per lens, or multifocals, with several powers per lens, just like a pair of progressive eyeglasses.

For patients with presbyopia, an age-related refractive error, multifocal lenses can help them access the convenience of contact lenses.

Let Us Find Your Fit

Whether you are new to contact lenses or want to find a pair that fits more comfortably, be sure to visit the professionals at Downtown Eye Care & The Contact Lens Department. We will help you find your perfect fit.

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